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Foods and Diets
Balanced, nutritious and fresh foods are the most essential for physical and mental developments of a child. Foods brought in the box get spoilt very fast in summer. We provide home-made balanced and fresh meals to all children. Lunch/Tiffi ns in the school is made compulsory to develop their habit of eating all sorts of balanced foods usually most of them do not eat all types of foods at home but they do eat in the circle of their friends. (See Food menu for more details)
• Breakfast :- 9 AM
• Lunch:- 12: 00 PM
• Refreshment:- 2:00 PM

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School Academic Year
The School academic year starts from Baishak 2nd and ends on Chaitra. The academic year consists of three terms ; fi rst term, mid term and last term. Each term is three month long and ends in Shrawon, Ashoj and Chaitra respectively.
In case of Beginners joining in Playgroup, the admission starts from Magh after the school resumes from the winter vacation. The school runs 5 days a week. The school follows generally government holidays. (See Academic Calendar)


Willful Damage
Deliberate damage to school equipment and books will incur a charge to the parents/guardians of the child concerned.

Health and safety:
The school has a Paediatric Physician for regular check- up for ensuring for proper medical fi tness as required in their age. The equipped fi rst aid kit as per the standard of Red Cross is available in school in case of need.
The safety of your child is of paramount importance to us and we will take every reasonable precaution to minimize any risks. Security Guard, duty teacher, respective class teacher and ayah didi will be there to receive and handover the children from the gate. Parents/ Guardians must not send different person to collect their children; if so s/he should inform the duty teacher or guard in advance. They are also requested to collect their child promptly from the premises at the end of the school day. If any accident takes place with a student or group of students due to any reason during the school hours in/out side of the school; the school‛s responsibility lies only to provide fi rst aid service and inform the parents/ guardians, rest they should take over the procedure of medical treatments themselves.
Guardians should be aware that children are not covered by any insurance policy against accidents.


Complain Procedure:
Providing joyful ambience to your children is primary concern of Nagarjuna Kids World. However there may exist an occasional problem. Usually problem can be sorted out over the telephone or other communicating medium.The management welcomes the suggestions and complaints of the parents because it gives the platform for the improvement. In case parents feel that the problem is signifi cant and need to be complained about, the management request parents to follow the following procedures.
The school requests parents not to congregate on the gate creating hassles with the security guard.
1) Log the complain on register provided by the school administration.
2) Make an appointment to discuss about complain with the teacher in duty or class teacher.
3) In case of dissatisfaction even after the complaints made; Parents may directly contact with the Principal or Executive director.


Stationery and educational goods supplied by the school
The school will make available stationeries books and uniforms at immensely reasonable cost to the students of all levels. Parents are not allowed to bring such goods from out side which are available in the school. School supplies such goods to maintain quality, uniformity and prompt availability rather than business point of view.


Good behaviour is an essential condition for effective teaching and learning to take place. We expect and encourage children to show consideration and respect for themselves and each other.


All children wear uniform at Nagarjuna Kids‛ World. We believe uniform not only looks smart, but also practical showing a sign of belonging.
Detailed list of the school uniform will be made available from the school offi ce during the time of admission.


The school has buses and vans that cover the major sites of the valley for the needy students to ply to and from the school. The bus fare will be charged according to the distance and timing.

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