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Dear Parents/ Guardians

We would like to welcome you to Nagarjuna Kids' World. Here, we aim to provide not only a caring, happy, safe environment but also a wide range of balanced learning opportunities for all our children, to help the children grow into independent and responsible citizens.

Nagarjuna Kids' World is a pre-Primary School with a Play Group aged 2-8 years. We cover the Play Group, Foundation Stage, Kindergarten–I, Kindergarten-II and Elementary – I, II and III.

We believe that we can achieve the best for your child with close cooperation between home and school. Children of this age must be kept under a sound and healthy environment. As one of the theories of Madam Maria Montessori says a child possesses tremendous power to learn from their environment, including people as well as materials from the birth to the ages of six”.

Please do visit us before taking decision for the enrollment of your child in any school. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Executive Director

Our Aims
  • To provide a happy, safe and caring environment for the children.

  • To encourage children to develop caring attitudes and respect towards themselves, other children, adults, their school and surroundings.

  • To offer a broad, balanced, appropriate curriculum for academic, aesthetic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.

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Nagarjuna Kids' world focus on to achieve a synthesis of Montessori's philosophy with the traditional Nepalese pedagogy so that our children will certainly be able to adopt with any environment in the world.
We believe that “Students should not be just book worms”, therefore we make every effort to provide them great deals of opportunities to broaden not only their subject knowledge but also comprehensive knowledge with the recent development. NKW aims to provide quality education at immensely low cost with the slogan “Education for all.”

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